Jump off stuff and live to play again with Stickman Base Jumper Free

Take a flying leap and land safely (if you can) with this free stickman jumper.

Stickman, what makes you so reckless? Jumping off of perfectly safe buildings and bridges seems so ... dangerous. Lucky for you that you're an Android app and not a real Stickman! But you are real fun. Stickman Base Jumper Free is a freeware base jumping game from Djinnworks E.U. As you may know, base jumping is actually BASE jumping because it involves supposedly rational people jumping off of four types of structure: Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges), and Earth (cliffs and natural formations). Did we mention the parachute? You get to use a parachute. While that's not quite as dangerous as a flying leap, it's still incredibly risky - with a rush to match. Playing Stickman Base Jumper won't endanger your life, but your free time could feel the heat.

Stickman Base Jumper Free installed quickly and easily on a Samsung phone running Android's Ice Cream Sandwich release. We tapped New Jump, which took us to the First Stage, Rookie, and our first jump in our quest for glory and advancement to the Second Stage, advanced, which adds crosswinds and other challenges. The first two levels of the Rookie stage are unlocked; you have to win to unlock the rest. Our slender hero stood atop an office building, with a position chart, counter, wind speed indicator, and other basic controls. Touching Stickman walks him back to the edge to gain running speed. Another touch, and he's off the edge, arcing through the air on his way to his appointment with ground -- one he can't miss! He can be late, though, and the game warned us before we got too low that it was a good time to open our parachute. Another tap and our chute opened, returning our figure safely to the ground and earning points. Tapping Retry let us jump again, this time successfully. Moving on to the next level raises the height of the building and increases Stickman's running room and jumping speed. Be careful: he can walk right off the edge if you get the speed wrong.

Stickman Base Jumper Free is tons-o-fun, and a lot harder than it seems at first.

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