Jump off a cliff? Only with Stickman Cliff Diving Free, thanks.

Play this simple yet challenging cliff-diving game on your Android phone.

Cliff diving looks dangerous because it is dangerous. Stickman laughs at danger, though, and you can, too, from the safety of wherever you happen to be with your Android phone. All you need to do is download Stickman Cliff Diving Free from Djinnworks E.U. This free game brings the old-school fun of controlling a stick figure as he dives off a cliff into the water below. The game's judges award points for each dive, just like the Olympics. It's totally simple, yet it's more challenging than it sounds. We played Cliff Diving Free on a smartphone running Android's Ice Cream Sandwich OS release.

The first thing we noticed when we loaded Stickman Cliff Diving Free was the drawn-on-notepaper-during-math-class look: Old school and totally cool. Everything you need is right on the Menu: Start, Tutorial, Sound On, More, and Full Version. Tapping Tutorial produced rules and tips, but this game is pretty easy to understand. The more you can make Stickman look like a real cliff diver, the more points you win. The game has two buttons, Jump and Flip. Jump should be obvious: Tap it and Stickman takes a flying leap. The Flip button controls his position in midair. Using it, you can make Stickman turn somersaults, though be sure not to let him hit the water with either arms or legs extended, which costs style points. Like a real competitive diver, you have to describe your dive before you make it, and failure to execute your program costs points. If you don't win, don't worry; you can bribe the judges to let you keep jumping when your game is over.

Stickman Cliff Diving Free is a little trickier than some similar game apps we've tried, but that's mostly because the Flip button gives you some fine control. It took us a few tries to get the combination of taps and continuous pressure just right, but in the end we managed to hit the water without bellyflopping more than half the time. Then they raised the cliff. No matter; this game is diverting, and we like a challenge. Stickman's definitely up for it!

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