Try your luck in a rural setting with Farm Casino

Spin slot machines, play poker, level up, and garner as many credits as possible to claim the highest playing ranks.

While it doesn't quite give the same feeling of tension and excitement as playing in a real casino, the Android app Farm Casino is a fun game that even non-gamblers can enjoy.

Farm Casino is essentially your standard casino game app with rural farm graphics. The graphics don't affect the gameplay, they're just window dressing, but they are nicely done and fun to look at. You will be prompted to set up an account to play, but you have the option of using your Facebook or Google accounts to sign in. There are two games that you can play here: standard poker and slot machines. Again, these are fairly standard games found in many casino-style game apps, but there is also an emphasis on the social aspect of game playing. If you choose Facebook as the log-in for your account you can receive bonus points from friends who are also using this app, as well as having status updates that reflect your activity in the game.

If you opt for the slot machines, you don't need any particular skill set, you just spin the slots. We did like that you can accumulate points with each spin, which allows you to unlock other slot machine themes. We also liked the Leaderboard, which displays the top ranking players. It's updated live as you use the app and makes the game a bit more competitive. Additional credits can be obtained by exchanging real money for points in case you run out of virtual cash, but that's optional.

Farm Casino is clearly for people who like casino games, but anyone can quickly learn how to use this simple but entertaining app even if he or she has never been in a real casino.

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