Bubble-shooting puzzle strategy game

Shoot the correct colored bubbles to get through the bubble puzzle and clear the stage.

It might not offer the mental challenges of some games, but Bubble Shooter is a fun, even addictive game that anyone can play.

The basic objective of Bubble Shooter is simple. At the main menu of the app, you are given two main game options. The first one is the puzzle mode. In this mode, you have to complete the level by using the fewest bubbles possible. Don't worry, there are no specific time or bubble limits, but your score or evaluation can be greatly reduced as you use more bubbles. The arcade mode features larger, more general sets of bubbles for the player to clear. It is comparatively a lot easier, and only this mode instantly allows the use of special power-ups and bubbles.

The main gameplay of Bubble Shooter is quick, simple, and smooth. Level progress is saved by default and you can replay any of the other levels that you have previously cleared. Most importantly, the game features a colorblind mode, so even color-blind people can still clearly differentiate one bubble from another.

With the simple graphics and game mechanics Bubble Shooter is smooth to play even on older Android devices. Even though we used a low-end Android 2.2 smartphone for testing, the game still loaded quite quickly and we were able to play the app without any hitches in its graphics. All in all, we found Bubble Shooter a fun and simple game to play, with constant level progression that could make it a bit addictive.

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