Make bridges to keep the truck moving with Bridge the Wall

Guide your vehicle through pitfall-filled terrain by constantly making and lining up bridges.

Simple games are usually the ones that you'd want to play over and over again. They seem to be addictive despite their crude gameplay. However, simplicity does not always mean something has high replay value, and Bridge the Wall proves just that.

Bridge the Wall displays a simple set of menus. The main point of the game is to help the moving vehicle cross the terrain by building bridges. You only need to touch one end point and drag your finger to the next end point to create a bridge that the vehicle can drive on. There are no special tricks, no power-ups, and no other gameplay options. It's that simple. In fact, the instructions menu probably isn't even needed here.

With the exception of the slowly increasing speed of the vehicle, the game doesn't increase in difficulty as you play. The graphics aren't bad and we liked the touch of 3D images superimposed in a 2D game environment, but there is very little change throughout the game, which just shows a simple green jeep rolling over a grassy stone platform. Another downside is that if you're playing this with your Internet connection on, you might get distracted by the ads, which are permanently stuck at the bottom of the screen.

Basically, Bridge the Wall looks good and play is fun at the beginning, but too repetitive. There are many other game apps for Android out there that have much better replay value.

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