View your files in a unique calendar view with Nemo Documents.

See what files you were working on with Nemo Document's helpful and innovative calendar view.

Nemo Documents helps you sort your computer files into a user friendly calendar view. The intuitive interface has all the types of files and the folders to choose from on the left, with tabs along the top to pick the calendar view you want. There is no Help file but a basic tutorial starts up automatically to walk you through the basics of this simple program.

Unlike Windows Explorer, choosing what type of files you want to see is easily done. Starting with the standard Search box, you can choose what file you are looking for. With one click you can eliminate or add PDFs, emails, spreadsheets, pictures, and other file types to your finished list. Once you've selected your calendar view, you can easily see what files you worked on for a specific day or time frame. It's easy to add or remove files types at any point in the process, so you only view the files relevant to your search. The trial version of the app disables the Labels and Person features, but it does let you integrate with your email.

We found this application very easy to use and would recommend it to anyone regardless of technical aptitude. It is free and we think it would be beneficial to everyone who needs a day-by-day view of the files they've worked on.

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