Process photos with grand effects using FX Photo Studio

FX Photo Studio for Mac is a robust photo editor packed with an impressive set of tools and plenty of filters.

If you're looking for a decent photo editor without breaking your wallet, FX Photo Studio for Mac is a solid solution. It comes with plenty of tools and filters for post processing and adding flare to your photos.

Upon launching the program, users are welcomed with a slick, dark interface that directs your attention to the photo itself. The layout makes great use of screen estate and the interface is clean and uncluttered. The overall experience of Photo Studio really focuses on bringing out the elements and emotions that you want out of the photo through its custom filters and basic feature tools. Full screen mode is also supported

Filters are laid out in a horizontal dock and there's quite a few; FX Photo Studio boasts over 150 effects to choose from. The horizontal filter bar lets you preview how your photo would look with each effect through a thumbnail image. Filters are grouped into styles ranging from cinematic to artistic categories, a helpful arrangement when narrowing down choices to create the perfect effect. Users can also mark frequently used filters with stars (or select a random filter for kicks) using the filter generator.

Mask brushes lets users apply filter effects with more precision. For the seasoned editor, the advanced features allow you to adjust some of the finer aspects of photo files, including exposure levels, temperature settings, and saturation values. It's a fairly well rounded and robust set of tools that should get you through all but the most complex image manipulation tasks.

One thing I appreciated in this program was the balance it strikes with its quick solutions using filters while still offering manual controls for adjusting critical elements of your photos. FX Photo Studio's accessibility and basic customizability can draw both novice and advanced users. But while the tool set is adequate for common photographic edits, the lack of an adequate media manager becomes very apparent once you start editing larger volumes. FX Photo Studio is a fine app for working on small numbers of photos, but the avid photog might find that the lack of a dedicated solution for higher volumes can make this a harder sell.

Despite these complaints, FX Photo Studio has a slick layout, plenty of tools and filters, and most importantly, an approachable and intuitive interface that makes it an attractive desktop tool for the asking price.

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