Play webcam and video files in your video chat sessions

Manage your webcam, switch to video playback, and enhance your VoIP sessions with Video2Webcam.

Video2Webcam lets you share video clips with others during online sessions, even when you don't have a webcam attached. If you do have a webcam, you can switch between the live feed and file playback easily. Video2Webcam installs quickly.

The Video2Webcam interface is simple to use. A small dialog shows video clips in a folder you choose, and lets you play them, pause, loop, and stop playback from a small control panel; a small preview window underneath lets you see what the video file looks like (and position playback, if necessary). There are also controls for your webcam to adjust the resolution and source rate, if your webcam supports options like this. We used Video2Webcam for several chats and alternated between live webcam feed and prerecorded content with ease. Video2Webcam was simple to set up and use for each call.

If you want to be able to play back video files during your video calls, then Video2Webcam is a good choice. The publisher lets you try it free for a while, but you will eventually need a license. We found Video2Webcam worked well and was easy to use, so it's staying on our system.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Video2Webcam

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