Audio recorder and file manager

Record audio files and notes, and manage any audio files with this clean app.

eXtra Voice Recorder Lite is an audio recorder and audio file manager. The free Lite version is a subset of the full product available for $9.99. eXtra Voice Recorder Lite installs on your Mac OS device quickly and easily.

The eXtra Voice Recorder Lite interface is clean. The audio recording capabilities are simple to work with. The audio file manager lets you import audio files and see all of them in a simple window. Once you have an audio file selected you can annotate it with metadata, and a search function can examine the metadata as well as file properties (but not the contents). eXtra Voice Recorder Lite supports exporting files in MP3 and AAC formats. The full version of the app includes an editing capability and a sound-activation feature that is missing from the free app. Also in the full app is the ability to add to existing recordings and mark parts of any file for faster access.

If you want a simple audio recorder and audio file manager, eXtra Voice Recorder Lite works well. If you work with a lot of audio files, you will likely want to upgrade to the full version. We had no problems with eXtra Voice Recorder Lite in our testing, and it integrates with Dropbox to allow access to recordings from other devices, a nice touch.

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