Very limited driving game

Steer back and forth avoiding obstacles on a narrow road unfolding before you. Repeat until bored.

Crazy Monster Truck Escape is a car race and chase game. The game is designed for Mac OS X, and the free version gives you limited gameplay. To get more, you pay for additional add-ins (three were available at press time for $1.99 each).

Crazy Monster Truck Escape lets you set the screen resolution (on some systems) and the graphics quality. Graphics quality is good at the highest levels but not stunning by any means. Gameplay is where Crazy Monster Truck Escape falls down. Essentially this is a throwback to the driving games of three decades ago. You use the arrow keys to move your monster truck back and forth on the road, avoiding obstacles as you go. The road unfolds before you as you go forward; run into any obstacle and you crash. Crash three times and the game is over. You can collect upgrades by running over them, which can be used to leap over obstacles, for example.

The problem with Crazy Monster Truck Escape is that it is amusing for about 2 minutes, then it's a very basic video game. We tried to get into the game but failed. There's very little real challenge, and almost no excitement to the gameplay at all. There are better games out there.

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