Addictive fun bubble shooter

Grouping bubbles and going for trick shots is more fun than we expected.

Here's a novel concept: shoot bubbles to group three or more of the same color together and pop them, while more bubbles appear at the top of the screen. If the bubbles take over the screen you lose. Yeah, we've seen it before in over a dozen different apps for Mac OS X and iOS, but Bubble Shootix is actually a well-done version of this genre. The free version of Bubble Shootix includes ads. To go ad-free you need to spend $0.99. To get additional in-game currency, you need to spend more.

The Bubble Shootix app installs easily and is graphically very attractive. The bubbles' animations are well done and the soundtrack is soothing. There's some cool graphics for bubble explosions and special trick shots, which add to the appeal. We started playing Bubble Shootix just to evaluate it, and found ourselves playing off and on for several days. It's just one of those simplistic yet interesting casual games that helps pass time when you want it to.

Bubble Shootix isn't the only game in this genre, but it is as good as any of the others. If you like these casual games (and Bubble Shootix never gets too frantic), give this one a try. We suspect it won't get uninstalled too quickly.

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