Side scrolling coin collection game surprisingly well done

Run and jump to collect gold, dodge monsters, and explore 2D levels in this fun game.

Lep's World is a gold accumulation game for Mac OS X. You guide a leprechaun (Lep) through a side scrolling world, collecting gold and avoiding nasty monsters. Sounds like a lot of other games, but there's a cute aspect to Lep's World that some will find addictive. Lep's World installs quickly and easily on Mac OS X 10.6 and higher.

There are four levels to the free version of Lep's World (28 in the paid version), all with good graphics that are very reminiscent of a popular video game platform with plumbers running around! Apart from dodging monsters and collecting gold, Lep can also run over clover leafs that add to health, but he loses health when nasty beasties attack him. Lose all your health and the game is over.

Lep's World is well done, as long as you don't expect more than a side-scroller from it. It is strangely addictive in the same manner as the Mario games were, and younger players especially will enjoy the game. We had fun with Lep's World and think it's a great way to waste an hour. Or many.

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