Record and manage audio files, but you need an external account to do so

Recording, creating playlists, and managing audio files almost as well as iTunes but with more hassle.

SoundCloud is meant to allow people who work with audio files a lot to manage their workloads and their libraries. The idea is to use SoundCloud to listen to sound files from others and to share your own. To do so, you need to set up a SoundCloud account. SoundCloud installs easily on Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

The SoundCloud interface is similar to iTunes: there's a list of folders and playlists on the left, a middle pane that lists music files, and a panel on the right with more information about a selected file. There's a built-in recorder capability which changes the interface to a simple "record" and "stop" button. It's easy enough to record new sounds and share them with other social networking sites, and you can manage your created and downloaded files too, but SoundCloud seems more of use for short audio sound effects and spoken audio files than music. For that reason, and the need to create an external site account, the applicability of SoundCloud will be limited to just a few people.

While SoundCloud worked well for us, we were left wondering why we would want to use it instead of other apps on the market. Since we were in the habit of using the Web-based version at already, this app doesn't add anything to the mix.

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