Find it and recover it with Pandora Recovery Wizard

Recover lost and deleted files with this supereasy wizard-based freeware.

Pandora Recovery Wizard is a free tool that helps you locate and recover lost or deleted files from your system. You can browse for files in the main window's tree view, but the easiest way to recover files is with Pandora's wizard, which holds users' hands at every step of the critical process. It can recover deleted files, provided they haven't been severely damaged or securely overwritten.

Pandora Recovery Wizard opened with both its main interface and the program's recovery wizard, which we could set to open each time by clicking a check box. The wizard explains each step, starting with an important message about saving recovered files to a location other than on the disk they're being recovered from, such as a secondary hard drive, USB drive, network share, or other solution. The first step is a logical one: check your Recycle Bin to see if your file is there. If that seems a bit obvious, it is, but experience leads the program's developers to emphasize the obvious. Chances are good that you're not in the best mood or frame of mind when you can't find an uber-important file and fear you may have accidentally deleted it, and everything the program can do to not only make the process of finding and recovering the strays as easy as possible but also a quick as it can be is fine with us. If you find what you're looking for in the Recycle Bin right away, Pandora did its job and saved you time, though not as much as simply checking the Recycle Bin first (HINT).

But you probably checked the Recycle Bin already and need Pandora's help. As (bad) luck would have it, we recently used Pandora Recovery Wizard to recover a file we'd accidentally deleted (How? We don't know) from our C drive. We didn't have to resort to the program's powerful Deep Scan since our lost file hadn't been overwritten yet. But we were impressed with the care and detail Pandora Recovery Wizard offered at each step of the process. This effective tool puts powerful file recovery capabilities in every user's hands.

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