See the light with Motorola's Droidlight LED Flashlight app for Android

Turn your Android smartphone into a super-useful LED flashlight with this top-class app.

People have been using their cell phones as impromptu flashlights for years, but anything cell phones do, smartphones can do better, and there's no better example than flashlight apps that replace the dim glowing screen of an active cell phone by boosting the output of your smartphone's ultrabright LEDs to create an actual functioning flashlight. And there's no better example of this ultra-simple, ultra-useful app than Motorola's Droidlight LED Flashlight. It's widely compatible with previous versions of Android. We installed it on a smartphone running the latest Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Droidlight installed so fast that we thought something had glitched, but there it was in our Apps. There are no ads or other stuff to encumber Droidlight, and its only control is a big light bulb icon. Touch the bulb, and the flashlight activates. Touch it again, and it turns off. Better still, the flashlight turns on as soon as you open the app; you don't have to click it again before you see the light. What could be simpler? We opened the app. Droidlight's light bulb appeared on our screen, glowing to indicate our flashlight was on. Not that we needed the indicator since the light is really bright! Touching the bulb turned our light off; touching it again turned it on. Like other flashlight apps we've tried, Droidlight shuts off when your screen goes blank. LED flashlights use a lot of battery power, so it's not a good idea to leave them on for long. But if you need continuous illumination, be sure to turn off your screensaver.

Droidlight by Motorola works for us. Like we said, what could be simpler? One thing, actually: We recommend moving Droidlight's icon to your home page for easy access since the whole idea is not to fumble in the dark. Even if your phone already has an LED flashlight app, Droidlight is so small and works so well that we recommend getting it anyway. Flashlight makers may not be thrilled by Droidlight, but we think smartphone users will be.

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