Play realistic slots on your Android device with Slot Machine Deluxe

Spin and win with this free slot machine app for Android.

It used to be that you had to go to Las Vegas to play the real slots. Then more casinos gave more players access to real Vegas-style slot machines, and online slots just sweetened the pot. Now you can play casino-style slots with Slot Machine Deluxe, a free Android app (you can buy more coins, though). We installed it on a Samsung smartphone running Ice Cream Sandwich.

Slot machine opens with two carousels of Slots displayed, though all but the first are locked. Before we started playing, we tapped the Settings icon, but the only changes involved turning off the Sound, Music, and Notification features -- all very handy for playing in public or quiet places. In the bottom toolbar, we could tap buttons to check our Statistics, Buy Coins, and Collect our winnings. A counter kept track of our playing time, which earns coin bonuses. We tapped the available slot machine, a barnyard-themed simulation with five spinning reels. Slot Machine Deluxe handles multiple lines, up to 15. As with real slot machines, multiple lines enable winning combinations that aren't necessarily horizontally connected but can be at various angles, even within one line. You can make multiple bets, too, as well as tap a Bet Max button if you're a high roller. Counters keep track of your Lines, Bets, and Spins, not to mention your totals. The Add button takes you directly to the Buy Coins page, which offers many options for buying additional coins to play the slots with. Tapping Payout shows a legend screen with all values.

We're timid, so we started with a single line. Tapping Spin played a bit of mountain music and spun our reels, which contained images of vegetables, livestock, and other farmyard scenes. The game has many Wild Cards, which is great because we won in just three spins. Adding more lines increased our bets but also increased our wins. We hit Bet Max yet still won with just two spins. We won Bonuses, too. Tapping Lobby took us back to the start page, our stats, and the payout. Win or lose, Slot Machine Deluxe delivers.

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