Play Shopping Cart Hero 3 on your Android smartphone with this free app

Risk your fool neck (or your break time) with this free Android jumper.

You've probably seen dudes on TV making Evel Knievel-style jumps in shopping carts, usually preceded (and followed) by disclaimers telling you not to try this yourself. That's good advice, especially since you can get a decent thrill without actually risking your one and only neck just by playing MonkeyWantBanana's Shopping Cart Hero 3 on your Android smartphone. While it sounds like a shopping game, it's actually a jumper, and the whole idea is to make the longest and most elaborate jump possible. The game involves a stick figure pushing a shopping cart downhill, jumping in, and riding to uncertain ends. You get scored on height, distance, and style. We tried SHC3 on a Samsung phone running Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest Android release.

It's harder to stub your toe in the dark than it is to install an Android app, and we soon saw the SCH3 icon in our Apps. It loaded with Jump 1 displayed; a mild journey with a soft landing. The game automatically pauses when your screensaver activates, so be sure to turn it off for the session. We set our screen timeout for 10 minutes, the amount of break time we had available. If you're new to SCH3, just click the question mark for a tutorial, but it's much like the online Flash game, only you swipe to start running, tap to get in the cart, tap again when you're ready to jump, tilt the phone to balance your flying fool in midair, and, if you've done everything reasonably well, land with wheels down. The game keeps track of your distance, height, tricks (if any) and style points, awarding a Total. Clicking the trophy icon displays your Achievements (again, if any!) and you can turn the simple sound effects on and off.

Our first run was weak, but we did land with wheels down. Had we been careening down a real hill in a real shopping cart (don't ask where we got it) we'd have been very happy with our first jump, thank you very much. We soon extended our range. Simple and quiet (with no broken bones) Shopping Cart Hero 3 is a great game for those boring minutes.

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