Crush your way to monster truck glory with Rage Truck Free's Android app

Run stuff over in a rampaging monster truck with this totally fun Android game.

So we all know what your Android phone is really for: playing games like Ace Viral's Rage Truck Free. It's a free Android app of an online Flash game. With a name like Rage Truck, what else could it be but a monster truck on a rampage? Of course, you get to crush bad guys in mass quantities, but does that really matter? The important part is crushing stuff. Yes, Rage Truck Free is exactly what it sounds like: Big Dumb Fun. Rage Truck Free is free to download and play, but you can easily upgrade to an enhanced version offering more choices and levels for a small fee. We installed it in a phone running the latest Android operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich.

Rage Truck loaded to a metal guitar riff. We tapped Start and selected a monster truck, and then tapped Level Pack 1. Rage Truck's graphics are excellent for an arcade-style smartphone app, with an urban streetscape offering lots of targets, some steep hills, and a totally simple control set: forward, back, and up or down angles. Pressing harder makes the truck go faster; easing off slows it down. We pressed the forward arrow, and our monster truck started forward at breakneck speed, crushing cars and even bystanders to the sound of rending metal and screams. So far, so good! Pedal to the metal, we quickly flipped, crashed, and burned on a steep hill jump. OK, so now we know what's what. Resuming our test- drive, we next landed on the roof of a multistory building, crushed some stuff, and crashed back to the road using the down arrow. It didn't take long to get control of our vehicle (too late for some innocent bystanders -- our bad!) and we were soon jumping our truck over obstacles and landing it on sorry miscreants, on purpose, of course.

Rage Truck Free offers classic, old-school fun, big time. If you're not giggling at the massive mayhem you're dealing out seconds after starting things rolling, you probably have no business behind the wheel of a rampaging monster truck in the first place.

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