Play Rage of Bahamut on your Android smartphone

Play this popular (and addictive) trading-card game in Android.

Mobage's Rage of Bahamut is one of the most popular Android apps available, after being one of the most anticipated. Why? It's cool, it's supereasy to play, and there's always something new. This free app lets you do battle with other players in real time. Millions around the world play Rage of Bahamut, with 3 million users outside of Japan, where users play the original version, Shingeki-no-Bahamut. The premise of RoB is simple: battling players draw power from the cards they collect in their lonely wanderings. We installed Rage of Bahamut on a smartphone running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Although the app's developers say it hasn't been tested with the latest Android OS, it performed fine for us.

The first thing we noticed was this app's awesome graphics. Existing users can sign in with an RoB account, but we created a new player profile. We tapped the Start button, calling up a 14-page tutorial that describes how to play RoB, starting with joining a Realm. Most new users want to be Gods, and who can blame them? So that's RoB's first choice, though you can also be a Human or a Demon. After joining a Realm, we could download a set of free cards.

When we were ready, we tapped Set Off on a Quest. Playing let us evolve our cards and add more cards. Evolving cards increases their power and rarity by combining different elements, displaying pre-evolution and post-evolution versions of your card for an excellent visual indication of their increased power (plus it's cool). We won our first few battles, enabling us to level up and earning credits from the developer. Visiting My Page gave us access to all our cards, quests, and battles as well the Enhance and Evolve buttons.

The Android app is just the tip of the iceberg for Rage of Bahamut fans. The game has a Facebook page and a dedicated Wiki, for instance, and many forums offer cheats and tips. Help is available from the developer's Web site. And we won't bore you with our adventures since you probably have some of your own in mind by now!

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