Open and read Yahoo Messenger archives

Rereading older conversations is a bit easier with Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder.

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder by eNetGuru is, as you would expect, a Windows utility for accessing and reading the content of messages and conferences on Yahoo Messenger. For Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder to work, you must have enabled the option to save conversations within Yahoo Messenger. If that's on, then Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder displays the conversations in a window for convenient scrolling through the contents.

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder installs easily. Once installed, you navigate to the location where the archives are saved and can choose any archived conversation there (each username has its own file). Click on the file and the archived messages are displayed. There are other ways to access archived conversations, including simply opening the files if you can navigate to them, but Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder provides a friendlier way to accomplish these means.

If you use Yahoo Messenger a lot and find yourself wanting to wade through your past conversations, Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder is a useful app, especially for those who are not as savvy about Windows files as others. However, there are other apps on the market that provide the same functions and more.

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