Bengali: English translation and dictionary

Looking up words on the fly when travelling is a great use for a smartphone, and Bengali Dictionary adds Bengali to the supported language list.

Language dictionaries and language aids are a great use for mobile devices, and Bengali Dictionary is a good example. It provides both a lookup and reverse translation of Bengali words to English, as well as a vocabulary game that helps you learn a few words and phrases. The free app is a teaser for the larger app with upgraded dictionary.

Bengali Dictionary contains about 10,000 words and their translations, as well as a pronunciation guide. The interface consists of a pane where you type your English word, and Bengali Dictionary then displays the Bengali equivalents. You can start typing a word and a list of dictionary matches appears to help complete the entry faster. There's also a search capability for partial matches. The publisher adds a few extras, such as a Word of the Day, as well as random word lookups to help you build your lexicon.

Bengali Dictionary worked as expected, and a native Bengali speaker we showed it to was highly impressed. Since there are few options for Bengali lookups available for iOS, Bengali Dictionary will be a useful addition for those in need of this translator and dictionary.

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