Shows you where your phone is. Wow.

Tracking your own phone for entertainment purposes costs you $2.99 How much fun is that?

All Mobile Tracker System is not quite what it seems. It is billed as an "entertainment app," not a utility, and for good reason. If you read the publisher's description you'll be led to believe this app uses "government technology" to track any mobile phone in the world simply by entering the phone's number. Sounds cool? It's not what you think. Instead of tracking any phone, you can only track your own phone, and it doesn't use any mysterious technology, just GPS.

All Mobile Tracker System is not readily accessible through iTunes, mostly, we suspect, because of the misleading claims the publisher makes. You can obtain the software from a few sites, though. When installed, all the app does is locate the phone its installed on. There's no capability to send that information to any other phone, so any thoughts you have of tracking someone else are not going to be realized.

All Mobile Tracker System is misleading and, even though billed as "entertainment," we didn't find anything entertaining about it. Apple's built-in Find My iPhone does the same job plus a lot more for no cost. We suspect lots of people will track down All Mobile Tracker System simply because they think they can track any other phone based on the publisher's claims, but they are all going to be disappointed. This app is a total waste of time.

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