Animated cat repeats what you say. And that's pretty much it.

Kids love this little app, adults find it amusing for a few seconds. Talking Tom Cat is not for everyone.

You've always wanted to see an animated cat say things in a squeaky voice, haven't you? If so, then Talking Tom Cat is for you! Talking Tom Cat is a free app that shows a cartoon cat onscreen that repeats whatever you say into the device in a funny voice. Talking Tom Cat also responds to pokes and strokes of the screen.

Talking Tom Cat lets you say anything into your microphone, which it then repeats with sound modifications, as well as onscreen animation. You can pet the cat and hear him purr. You can pour him a glass of milk and watch him drink it. there are a few more things you can get Talking Tom Cat to do, but you get the idea. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? If you're under the age of 14, you'll probably love it. If you're older, forget it after the first smirk. Yeah, you can make Talking Tom Cat fart, but few adults will get giggles out of that more than once or twice.

Talking Tom Cat has incredible attraction for kids. For adults, not so much. But, if you have someone of the right age, they'll be fascinated with Talking Tom Cat. Once you've exhausted the potential of Talking Tom Cat, there are also talking giraffes from the same publisher.

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