Shooter with some strategy added for a twist

Shooting aliens and defending your base is an old game model, but with a few twists in Starbunker: Guardians 2 HD.

Starbunker: Guardians 2 HD is a shoot-em-up game for the iPhone and iPad. With a mix of strategy and plain-old shooting built in, Starbunker: Guardians 2 HD tries to appeal to several genres of gaming. The installation proceeds quickly and without a problem.

Graphically, Starbunker: Guardians 2 HD is good, but we found the screen to be overly dark and confusing, and it was sometimes difficult to discern what was going on. The game is quite large, with 36 battlefields to fight on and an array of aliens all storming your position. You first select where to position yourself for maximum effect of one of the 10 different arms available, and nine different skill levels, and then you have to fight off the aliens trying to take over your base. Fast reactions and fast decisions make this a knuckle-biter at times, but on the higher levels of difficulty even veteran gamers will be overrun.

Starbunker: Guardians 2 HD employs a technology tree that can lead to different twists in the game play, although not by much. The base free app is fine as a teaser, but once you're in to the game, you'll be buying upgrades (which range in price from $1.99 to $19.99). Starbunker: Guardians 2 HD will attract some gamers but not all, but that's true with most games on these mobile devices.

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