Fast and small Web browser for mobile devices

Combine data compression with a small clean executable and you have Opera Mini.

Opera Mini is a Web browser designed for the mobile device, which means it's intended to be small and fast. Opera Mini installs quickly, and anyone who's ever used a Web browser will have zero trouble using it. The Opera Mini interface is simple, with search and URL fields, and drop-down menus for things like bookmarking and history.

Opera Mini works by redirecting through an Opera server, which compresses content before it is sent. Due to this compression, Opera Mini works fast. We compared it with a couple of other more popular Web browsers on both iPhone and iPad and found Opera Mini faster for browsing, especially on congested connections (and it seems to get by some site blocks applications, too). There are some nice features available with Opera Mini. The ones we liked best are the speed dial, which is like an even faster favorite list (one click and you're there) and the capability to sync bookmarks with our desktop computer.

You might think bouncing through the Opera server would delay operations, but in practical use there's no noticeable effect. When your Internet connection is slow, though, or there's a lot of traffic on the server, Opera Mini compression actually makes the transfers faster. Since mobile devices also tend to be bandwidth limited with capacities in place, Opera Mini could be of benefit to those with lower limits. We had no problems at all using Opera Mini.

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