Tracks your own phone. Wow.

Supposedly a tracking app, this is just entertainment software that doesn't entertain.

Cell Phone Tracker Pro Free is a "tracking app" that can be installed on an iPhone or iPad, and which can provide constant updates as to the device's locations anywhere in the world that there is tracking capabilities. It doesn't really do this, which is why Cell Phone Tracker Pro Free is tagged as entertainment software. Cell Phone Tracker Pro Free is not available through all iTunes stores, but can be downloaded from the Web.

Cell Phone Tracker Pro Free is supposed to make the person you are with think you can track their location as they move about. What it really does is track your phone (since you have the software on it). To do this you have to set up an account. Cell Phone Tracker Pro Free shows your location on a map along with some location information, and if your friend has the app running it can show them, too.

Thinking you can actually track another phone without the owner's knowledge or agreement is why most people will download this app. Unfortunately, Cell Phone Tracker Pro Free can't do that, and shows nothing you could not get from Find My iPhone.

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