Produces fake body part images for amusement

If false images of what's under your friend's clothes amuse you, Body Scanner is for you.

Body Scanner is an entertainment app that supposedly lets you see through clothes and zoom in on body parts. Of course, Body Scanner doesn't really do anything like that, but it does show a representation of what you'd think is an X-ray image based on what the camera is pointing at. There's no real scanning involved, of course, just photo manipulation.

Of course, this wouldn't be entertainment if the app simply showed a skeletal figure or perhaps just a smooth body skin, so Body Scanner spices things up with some imagination. Some images will show a leather harness, others some sexy underwear, a few piercings or tattoos (that, again, don't really exist), and so on.

The idea is to get a grin out of the viewer, and Body Scanner will amuse for a very brief period of time. After that, most people will simply ignore the app.

Body Scanner is not available through many countries' iTunes stores, so you'll have to hunt for it on the Web or do without it.

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