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Google Play Books for Android is a free application that allows you to purchase books and read them on your electronic device, i.e. mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

The plain gray interface isn't very exciting, but it did prove very easy to use. A prominent Menu button gives access to the settings and allows you to change the screen view. To start reading, you just choose a book and it automatically starts at the beginning or, if you've use the app to read the book before, to the last page you were reading. For those who like to write in the margins of hard-copy books, there's even an option to add your own notes to specific sections of text. There are also options to view definition cards or see information about specific places simply by highlighting the text you're interested in. Books are listed with a cover graphic, title, and author, which we liked. The graphics are sharp and the actual books were easy to read on the screen. There's even an option to have the book read aloud to you using the text-to-speech option. This is a great solution if you want to share the book with others and you don't want someone peering over your shoulder.

One thing to note is that you can't upload books purchased for other readers, so if you've already made an investment in another reader and other e-books, you'll need to purchase them again for Google Play Books. If you're new to e-books, Google Play Books is free and so easy to use that you'll be reading your favorite books as soon as you upload them.

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