Basketball arcade game application

Play a mobile basketball arcade game.

Basketball Mania from Mouse Games is an Android app that's fairly easy to get the hang of and very fun to play. Even if you never go near a real court, you could easily become addicted to this game.

Basketball Mania's vibrant but simple interface enhances the gaming experience. By simply clicking Play, you are transferred to the skins screen. In the beginning there is only one screen or environment to choose from, but you'll be able to earn tickets as you make shots and use them to buy new skins. Gameplay is easy to pick up, but each level is timed and the action is exciting enough that it's still a challenging game. We liked the sound of the roaring crowd when you hit a three-pointer, and it makes a good basket even more of a victory. In the same vein, you'll experience a little vibration when you shoot that air ball and let down your team.

Basketball Mania is an uncomplicated game that keeps things simple while still making it a challenge to advance to each new level. Basketball fan or not, this Android app is fun for any user.

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