Opus Domini Lite: Time management made easier and friendlier

Manage your time more effectively with a great interface reminiscent of day planners.

Opus Domini Lite is a time management app for Macs. You can enter your tasks, goals, and milestones, as well as your mission statements if you have any. Opus Domini Lite then gives pop-up reminders and shows your task schedules each day, helping you manage your time more effectively.

Opus Domini Lite's interface resembles a typical day planner with times blocked off and task lists shown. You can check off tasks and move schedules around easily, and there's a nice search ability as well as useful time reporting charts. Switching from daily to weekly and monthly views is easy. There is a limit on the number of entries Opus Domini Lite will accept; to exceed that limit you have to upgrade to the full commercial package for $8.99.

Although we've traditionally used Outlook for managing time and appointments, Opus Domini Lite has a nicer interface and a few features Outlook lacks. Its resemblance to a day planner will make this a friendlier interface for many to use, it was quick to install, and it was stable in our testing. You can import some data from Gmail, but we could not import from other sources, which is unfortunate. It's also unfortunate that there's no client for iPhones and iPads, syncing with the master, as that would really make this a necessary app for us. Still, despite its limitations, Opus Domini Lite is a nice little time management app.

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