Annotate images for uploading to others

Capture or select an image, overlay text, add an effect, and you've done everything Photo effects #7 - Text (Free) allows you to do.

Photo effects #7 - Text (Free) for Mac is a lengthy name for an app that does one thing, but does it well. Photo effects #7 - Text (Free) turns any image you select into a message with effects, allowing you to type text over the image and apply a selected number of digital effects to create a "work of art." If you don't want to work with a preexisting image, a Mac's built-in camera can also be used.

Photo effects #7 - Text (Free) installs quickly and the interface is basic. The Photo effects #7 - Text (Free) interface shows the original image in a left pane, and the work in progress on the right. Select an image or take one from the camera, add some text and lay it out the way you want, select any special effects, and then you've got a new image you can upload to your Web site or social-network site or e-mail to your friends. You can select the font and font size, as well as the positioning of the text and its effect on the image. To add an image effect other than the really basic four that are provided, you need to buy an effect pack from the App Store, as no effects (other than text manipulation) are included in the free app.

Photo effects #7 - Text (Free) could find lots of fans who want to annotate photos or other images and send them to others through one means or another. For this purpose, the app works well, and for persistent chroniclers it may be useful. For the casual user, it may not get much use except as a curiosity.

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