Simple note taking utility for the Mac

Recording and searching through notes is quick and easy with Quick Note, but a mobile version and a synch feature are missing.

If you've used the Notes app on an iPhone you know how easy it can be to scribble quick notes to yourself about any odd thing, from shopping lists to reminders. Quick Note moves that quick note-taking capability to the Mac. Quick Note is a simple download and runs in the background for fast access.

The Quick Note interface is simple. It opens a lined note page where you can type notes to yourself, and it has a master note list so you can look up existing notes by title, or create new ones as needed. Editing notes is as simple as positioning the cursor in an existing note. A search feature gives you really fast access to relevant notes based on keywords. With the current version, there's no ability to synchronize notes across multiple devices, but the publisher is apparently working on this feature.

We liked Quick Note for what it is: a simple note taker just like the Notes app on the iPhone. Having it accessible with one click on the Mac makes it easy to start to depend on, and it worked fine for us. While there's nothing exciting about this app as it stands, using Quick Note is much better than opening text documents and working with them. We got in the habit of using Quick Note and think the ability to use it across our Mac and iPhone will be ideal when it comes in a future release.

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