Minesweeper implementation with very limited free play

Solving Minesweeper puzzles is a huge time-waster for many, and this implementation is attractive but not useful as a free app.

Minesweeper was one of the more addictive games on Windows, and a few ports have been made to the Mac platform. Minesweeper 101 is a free app that implements a version of Minesweeper under Mac OS X 10.6 or higher. Minesweeper 101 installs and launches quickly.

Minesweeper 101 has a few nice features. The playing field can be resized to any dimensions you want, and to help speed to a solution, your first click on the board opens up an area (instead of sometimes just highlighting one square). You can also save, load, and replay games, which is a nice feature. There are some basic customization options for choosing colors. Running statistics are available in a dialog box as you play. Other than those features, Minesweeper 101 is a standard minesweeper game. It is important to note that only the beginner board (with 10 pieces) is free: if you want to play on a larger board, you must upgrade to the full paid version.

The full version is good, if you do decide to upgrade.

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