Hangman with basic doodle art

Improving your vocabulary using Doodle Hangman Free can be entertaining for a short time.

Doodle Hangman Free is a simple hangman game. You can select the types of words you want to guess from a list of categories (or choose random selections) and then a coarse doodle of a character gets drawn as you guess incorrectly. There's both one and two player variations, and after each correct solution a new background and word appear.

Doodle Hangman Free installs quickly and plays just as quick. We found the graphics were just like doodles, which were cute the first few times but got old fast. There's some basic animation but the graphics are not why you load this app. With a game as basic as Hangman, it's difficult to imagine you can do that much anyway. When you get through all the words offered in Doodle Hangman Free, you can upgrade to the Ultimate edition with three times as many words.

In truth, we suspect Doodle Hangman Free appeals more to the very casual game session when you're bored, or for the younger crowd looking to improve their vocabulary. As a hangman game (and there's a few of them available in the App Store) Doodle Hangman Free does well enough, although how much use you get from it depends on the types of puzzles and games you like. Doodle Hangman Free is well implemented and stable, but we got bored pretty quickly.

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