Challenging gladiatorial combat truly leads to Blood & Glory

Relive those Spartacus battles putting yourself on the line. Hard to master, but exhilarating if you don't mind gore.

With a name like Blood & Glory you probably are not expecting a family-oriented casual game. And you'd be right. If you've enjoyed the TV series Spartacus, then Blood & Glory will appeal to you. It's based around gladiatorial combat in which you battle in the arena to the death, all for the glory and adulation of the crowds. Blood & Glory installs quickly.

Graphically, Blood & Glory is a treat. The graphics are well done, but a warning that there is a huge amount of blood (hence the name!) would be tame. This is probably the goriest game we've played in a while. After selecting your weapons and armor (which depend on your fighting style), you fight your opponents using keyboard and touchpad controls. Fighting is actually quite simplistic, with timing and luck being important. Losing a fight is easy and quite dramatic. Wining is exhilarating and leads to medals that contribute to your prestige. The base Blood & Glory game is free, but upgrades to add capabilities are available.

One of the appealing aspects of Blood & Glory is that the fights are not identical. There's enough variety and challenge to keep you interested for hours and hours. Having said that, this is an easy game to learn but very hard to master. Becoming a champion will take a lot of practice, and a lot of your blood will be spilled along the way. While it's not for everyone due to the gore and subject matter, we had a fun time playing Blood & Glory and likely will continue to for quite a while. There's even an iPhone version for battling on the move!

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