Control your Mac from your mobile device

Manipulate applications on your Mac from a distance using your iDevice with Mobile Mouse Server.

Mobile Mouse Server solves a problem you may not have known you had. What Mobile Mouse Server does is convert your iPhone, iPod, or iPad into a motion-based mouse, trackpad, and wireless remote for your MacBook or iMac. With this software installed on both the Mac and your mobile device, you can manipulate your Mac using your mobile device.

The Mobile Mouse Server installs easily on both Mac and mobile iDevice. Once installed, you can manipulate your Mac from any reasonable distance. Moving the remote device triggers the accelerometer in the device, which translates to mouse movements on screen. While the most obvious application for us was using the remote device to control the Mac connected to a projection screen for presentations, we did find it handy for sitting on the couch playing games from a distance. The screen on your remote device actually displays the necessary keys for many applications, updating as you switch apps.

We really liked Mobile Mouse Server for what it can do. While not everyone will want or need this app (except to show off to friends) for the business user, this is a wonderful addition to the presentation arsenal. We can see this quickly becoming a must-have app for some people.

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