Simple ball bouncing game you'll either love or hate

Bouncing ever upwards in this simple game with a few odd challenges thrown in to keep it interesting.

PapiJump Free is another simple game premise for the Mac. The goal is to make Mr. Papi (a red ball with a smiling face) jump higher and higher, using only the left and right arrow keys to control his direction, through a set of obstacles. PapiJump Free contains six levels, with more available if you purchase the upgrade.

PapiJump Free installs easily. The interface is simplistic. You get a bunch of green bars acting as obstacles to Mr. Papi. As Mr. Papi jumps you move the left and right arrow keys to move him onscreen, landing him on top of the obstacle so that he can jump higher to the next one. The screen wraps around so you can move off one side onto the other. The screen images are basic and not very interesting, but the gameplay is what the publisher is counting on to get you hooked.

The problem with games like PapiJump Free is they are simplistic and people either tire of them very quickly, or they take it as a personal goal to solve each level. Simplistic game play doesn't mean a waste of time, and we can see some people getting very addicted to PapiJump Free. Essentially, you'll either love it or hate it. The six free levels can be passed quite quickly, so if you're enjoying the game an upgrade is a necessity.

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