Klondike Solitaire with dated graphics

Playing solitaire is a popular time-waster and Byterun Solitaire for Mac is a solid implementation with too-weak graphics.

Byterun Solitaire for Mac is a version of traditional solitaire, made famous as the favorite time-waster on Windows. Implementing Klondike Solitaire, your goal is to get all the cards in each suit in ascending order (as if you didn't know!). This app is a free download and installs easily.

The graphics in Byterun Solitaire for Mac are a bit basic, almost cartoonish, which is unfortunate. A little more care on the cards and card backs would have made this a more attractive game visually. Where Solitaire does shine is playability. The game mechanics are good, and there are basic options available to modify whether to draw one card or three, scoring variations, and selectable background themes. Once you get past the graphics, you get hooked pretty quickly.

It is hard for us to say very much about Solitaire other than this is a solid implementation of Klondike Solitaire. While you can play in a window or full-screen, and you can turn the sound off to listen to other sources while you play, there's nothing ground-breaking about Byterun Solitaire for Mac. Having said that, if you are a solitaire fan, this is a fun Mac version. We just wish the graphics were a little better, which would make this stand out more in a field of other solitaire apps.

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