Access Pinterest posts from an app with Pin for Pinterest

You can read Pinterest pinboards without a browser, but posting requires an upgrade.

There seems to be a general trend to develop apps that replace browser access to popular sites. Pin for Pinterest lets you leverage your Pinterest addiction in several new ways. Not only does this app negate the need to surf through a Web browser, but it lets you quickly access Pinterest and provides the ability to move through content easily. While there's a full version available at cost that allows you to upload content for Pinterest, the free app gives you the browsing app needed for casual surfing of Pinterest content.

Pin for Pinterest is easy to use. The interface is simple and intuitive. An icon on the menu bar launches the app and opens the Pinterest interface. The only annoyance with Pin for Pinterest is the presence of nag screens to upgrade to the full version, without which all you can do is read, not post. Looking at your own pinboard, or others, without being able to comment or add content is like window shopping.

Pinterest is expanding at a considerable rate, and those who like the site visit it frequently. An application like Pin for Pinterest makes the visits easier, but without the ability to post, the free version of Pin for Pinterest is a bit limited. We suspect most Pinterest fans will upgrade to the full package pretty quickly.

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