Motorbike Lite offers dirt- and trick-bike riding fun

Have fun jumping, looping, and flying through the air on a motocross bike.

According to the description on the App Store, Motorbike Lite is "full of action and real physics." The truth is not very close to that, unfortunately, as Motorbike Lite attempts to bring a motocross simulation to your Mac device. Motorbike Lite installs easily, and while there is an upgrade to a full version, the free Motorbike Lite does offer 10 complete tracks for you. Graphically, the game is attractive in a cartoonish style, and you can customize your rider and bike a little (much more so in the full version), then tackle any of the included tracks.

The tracks range from standard dirt-bike terrain to fancy trick-rider wood loops, all the way through to crazy narrow-board tracks and jumps suspended in midair. For those expecting truly realistic bike performance and physics, you'll be disappointed. The bikes are cartoonish and tend to behave differently than real bikes would, but if you can suspend reality it is easy to get into the game and have fun. Although Motorbike Lite is reminiscent of arcade bike games more than realistic physics simulations, for a lot of people who never have ridden a real bike there's a challenge to completing the tracks as quickly as possible, regardless of how outlandish the track may be.

Motorbike Lite remained stable throughout out testing. An earlier version of Motorbike Lite had atrocious stability issues, but the current release didn't crash in our time playing. A paid upgrade to the full version offers 80 tracks (compared with 10 in the Lite version) and a track editor, for those who get into the game in a big way.

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