MailTab for Gmail simplfies the Gmail experience

Read and send Gmail messages without a browser.

MailTab for Gmail provides a way to access your Gmail account without using a browser. Running as an app, MailTab for Gmail can notify you when you get new mail (both audibly and visually) and gives you faster access to your inbox than loading Gmail the traditional way. MailTab for Gmail installs easily and a simple click on the menu bar icon gives you near-instant access to your Gmail account.

MailTab for Gmail works with Gmail only, of course, but the interface is slick and friendly. Arriving mail appears as a small number over the MailTab for Gmail icon. When expanded, all the mail in your inbox appears with subject and the first line of the text. Clicking on the mail expands it to show the entire message. Replying is simple and doesn't require you to open a browser. The basic MailTab for Gmail works well (albeit it with advertisements appearing), but of course there's an upgrade path at additional cost that removes the advertisements and adds more features such as chat. There's a few add-ins ranging in price, providing an a-la-carte mail app.

We enjoyed using MailTab for Gmail, and it has become a solid addition to our menu bar. Because it is third-party, any changes in Gmail may require changes to MailTab for Gmail, so support is key, but the publisher commits to regular updates and improvements. If you use Gmail as your primary mail client, take a look at MailTab for Gmail. You will probably prefer it.

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