Quick learning curve for the Mac using Learn

Learning to use a Mac and OS X made easier for novices, with more-complex apps available for paid download.

Learn Mac Edition is, not surprisingly, a port of the Learn tool to the Mac platform. A video training course app, Learn Mac Edition installs easily and launches with more than 5 hours (approximately 90 different lessons) of high-resolution training videos included. Of course, if you like the approach Learn Mac Edition takes, you can buy additional videos online for $1.99 each.

The basic lessons included with Learn Mac Edition cover basic aspects of using OS X (including eight videos on new Mountain Lion features). There's a set of videos on basic desktop and Finder use, and a set on System preferences; the rest of the included content covers apps. The videos are well-presented and cover enough to get a novice Mac user working well in the OS. We tried a couple of the additional videos available at extra cost teaching us Photoshop Elements and iBooks Author, and they were consistent in quality and style with the included free content.

The app worked well for us, with no problems, and for someone starting to use Macs, this is a good way to simplify the process. Since most people would prefer to watch a video instead of reading a book with the Mac nearby, this speeds the learning curve considerably. There's nothing in the basic package that a user comfortable with the Mac will need, but the add-ins for more-complex apps are useful.

Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of Learn Mac Edition 3.0.

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