Play back WMV files on your Mac with Flip4Mac WMV Player

For playing standard WMV files, this app works well, but converting to other formats requires upgrading.

Flip4Mac WMV Player is used to play Windows .WMV files on your MacBook or iMac. Since WMV files are ubiquitous on the Internet, the ability to play these files natively without converting them is a nice feature. Flip4Mac WMV Player plays WMV files through QuickTime, so any application that supports QuickTime can be used to play WMV files, including Mac-supported Web browsers like Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

Flip4Mac WMV Player is free, although there is limited functionality unless you upgrade to the full Pro (or higher) version. Flip4Mac WMV Player Pro has some conversion capabilities, so you can convert WMV files for use on portable devices like the iPad and iPhone. There are some editing capabilities built in too, but they are pretty basic. The software worked well in our testing, although to get any real capabilities beyond normal playback of standard definition WMV files you need to upgrade.

The interface used by Flip4Mac WMV Player is clean and won't require much time for users to become familiar with it. Flip4Mac WMV Player works as expected and we played back both stand-alone and embedded WMV files with no hitches at all. However, converting to other formats requires the upgrades to the Pro version or higher, so the free app will have very basic playback utility for most users.

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