Disk monitoring and deletion protection utility

Recovers lost files from any mountable volume or a recovery vault, but high price is hard to justify.

Disk Drill for Mac is a useful utility that creates a recovery disk volume with copies of your important files. If you delete a file by accident, you can then recover it from that vault. If the file is recently deleted, you can probably even recover it from the original volume. In addition, Disk Drill for Mac also monitors the state of your hard drive and notifies you of potential failures or capacity limitations. Disk Drill for Mac is a slimmed-down version available for free, with the Pro edition available for $89.99. With the free version, disk scanning and monitoring is supported, but there's limited recovery capability unless you upgrade.

When installing, Disk Drill for Mac asks whether you want to protect your files by creating a recovery vault and lets you select the devices to be backed up and where the recovery vault is located. After that, there's an advertisement to upgrade to the higher-end Pro version. If you stay with the free version, the interface is straightforward and allows you to specify which disks should be backed up to the vault. To recover a file, you delve into the vault and select the file from the list, and it is then copied back from the vault with original attributes preserved. A nice touch is that you can password protect the vault to protect others from snooping through your vault files. Disk Drill for Mac can also recover files from the hard drive, even after emptying the Trash, as long as the sectors are still intact (a nice feature that will be worth the installation in a panic situation).

Disk Drill for Mac works as advertised, but there are also other available solutions to creating backups . We use Time Machine regularly, as well as create DMG files at intervals, so Disk Drill for Mac is more for those who do not perform backups if at all, and want a security blanket against accidental deletions. At the price of the full version, though, we would prefer other methods. The free Disk Drill for Mac edition is worth trying if you think this kind of protection will suit you.

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