Collages of photos made easy

Create, edit, and upload photo collages in a variety of layouts with CollageIt for Mac.

With the popularity of scrapbooking and creating collages of images on social networking sites, CollageIt for Mac is a handy utility that helps you create collages on the Mac. Instead of uploading a bunch of separate images, you can create a larger image with multiple smaller images laid out in a specific order. CollageIt for Mac installs quickly.

The CollageIt for Mac interface is simple, presenting you with four basic collage layouts (mosaic, grid, center, and pile, each with multiple possible templates) in the left pane, and a display of created (and editable) collages on the right. To create a collage you select a template, then select the images that will go on that collage, and arrange them with your mouse any way you wish (the images will snap to the right locations specified by the template, and adjust sizing accordingly). The templates provided offer a good selection of layouts from jumbled to neat and orderly.

Using CollageIt for Mac to create a new collage takes just a few minutes, and then the finished collage can be uploaded as a single entity. There are a few issues with the release we tested, mostly minor, such as difficult integration with the iPhoto library and somewhat slow operation when using high resolution images. Still, for what it does, CollageIt for Mac is a handy tool for those wishing to create collages to post online.

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