Powerpoint-generated PDFs to PPTX with ease

Convert PowerPoint created PDFs back to PPTX files.

Converting PDF documents to easily editable formats requires passing the PDF file through a converter. There are quite a few PDF Converters on the market, some better than others, but there are few very good free applications for this purpose. Wondershare Software's PDF Converter Free is a stand-alone app that allows a PDF file to be converted to a Microsoft PowerPoint file that is fully editable.

PDF Converter Free only works with PowerPoint-formatted PPTX files (or fully compatible file formats from non-Microsoft presentation applications) that have been saved as PDFs. During the conversion from PDF to PPTX almost all formatting and layout is retained, with some PDFs converting completely. To use PDF Converter Free you simply drag the PDF file over the interface and out pops the PPTX file a few seconds later (depending on how big and complex the PDF is, the process can sometimes take several minutes). There are a few interesting glitches in conversion, such as font translations and incomplete rendering of full-slide backgrounds. Still, these are fixable in PowerPoint itself.

here's a full version of PDF Converter that handles other file formats such as Word DOCX files, but the free version only handles PPTX. That will make PDF Converter Free of limited utility to most people as it is, but when you do need to convert a PowerPoint-generated PDF, it's well worth using.

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