Frontline Commando is a nice arcade-type third-person shooter

Shooting up people, objects and buildings with gusto in this fun arcade shooter.

Frontline Commando is a third-person shoot-em-up game based on the premise that you're behind enemy lines and getting payback. While not exactly a novel concept, it is pretty well done here. Frontline Commando installs easily enough, and when launched the graphics and soundtrack are solid. You see the back of your avatar and an aiming reticule, and the gameplay consists almost entirely of putting the crosshairs on someone or something and blasting it to pieces.

Frontline Commando is a free download, but to really enjoy the game you'll have to purchase add-ins. These add-ins add up quite quickly. A small crate of gold, used to purchase upgrades, is $9.99, but the larger cases range all the way up to $49.99 for a "huge" case of gold. A Frontline Commando addict could easily drop $50 to $100 for add-ins to really make it through the game's levels properly. The level design is good, with a nice variety of terrain (interior and exterior), and there's a good selection of guns (hence the need for gold!) to choose from.

The free Frontline Commando version is entertaining enough and gives you enough play to get into the game, or decide it's not for you. For those who get into it, there's quite a bit of entertainment in this shooter. Definitely worth a try if you like arcade-type shooters, but for those who are hooked the game quickly gets expensive.

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