Custom ringtones using Free Ringtone Maker

Creating ringtones from audio and video files is easy and fast with this free tool.

Ringtones for your iPhone are not limited to the default offerings that came with your phone. With Free Ringtone Maker, you can create a ringtone for your iPhone quite easily. Free Ringtone Maker installs on your MacBook or iMac easily, and ringtones can be managed from iTunes.

To create a new ringtone with Free Ringtone Maker, select the file you want to use as a base; almost all audio file formats are supported, as is the audio track from some video file formats. You then slice and dice the sound into a 40-second-or-less clip. If you want to record your own audio, you can do that through Free Ringtone Maker using the Mac's microphone input. Working with fade-in and fade-out adjusters, you can set your clip to any length (up to 40 seconds), and a simple audio editing tool lets you adjust levels and modify the waveform itself. The interface is easy to work with and will require almost no time to get a first clip created. We had our first ringtone ready about three minutes after opening the app.

Once a ringtone is created in Free Ringtone Maker, you import it into iTunes and then use iTunes to load it onto your iPhone. The process sounds harder than it is! There are a few ringtone creation apps on the market, most costing at least a few bucks from the App Store. Free Ringtone Maker being free makes it an easy choice for all but the most ambitious ringtone creators.

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