Convert Word-lessly with Free PDF to Word Doc Converter

Convert your PDFs to Word docs without Word with this free tool.

Microsoft Word is the No. 1 word processing program, but not everyone has it. That can be a problem if you need to submit something as a Word document (DOC format), but it's hardly insurmountable, thanks to tools like Free PDF to Word Doc Converter. It takes your PDFs, extracts and converts the data, and saves it in a DOC file that can be opened and edited with Word. It handles multiple pages, and it can reproduce images or remove them, depending on which suits your needs.

Free file converters tend to have simple GUIs, and Free PDF to Word Doc Converter's certainly fits the description: it's just a dialog box with input and output fields, some general options, and a progress bar. Simple is better with this type of tool, and this one is easy to figure out, though clicking Online Help accesses a brief but clear manual, a tutorial, FAQs, and other resources. We browsed to and selected a source file, a single-page PDF with text and an image. We selected our destination folder and turned to the General Options in the center of the layout. Here we could set Free PDF to Word Doc Converter to convert all the pages in our document or specify the exact page range. There were check boxes labeled Retains Shapes and Images and Uses Text-box. Finally, we could keep the Default Font or change it from a drop-down list, though our only choices were Times New Roman and Arial (some say that's all you need).

Pressing Convert to Word Document started the process, which was completed almost immediately. We could view the finished product by selecting an Open check box and our choice of reader, Windows Default (MS Word) or Windows WordPad. All our converted documents opened normally, and most looked great. Some documents skewed the spacing between words and letters, for instance, though they were generally still legible, and they could be cleaned up in Word by someone who has it. We got good results by experimenting with leaving out shapes and images on some documents. Free PDF to Word Doc Converter is well worth trying.

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