Convert videos quickly and easily with 4Free Video Converter

With 4Free Video Converter you can convert videos for free.

Converting videos to play on your phone or tablet isn't as easy as it should be, unless you have 4Free Video Converter. With the easy-to-use Profile wizard, you just pick your device or file type and add your files, and 4Free Video Converter does the rest. It supports the most popular video formats, including HD and Flash, and a lot of less popular ones, too. It also merges files; extracts audio, video, and images; edits video files; and adds effects.

While 4Free Video Converter's user interface isn't exactly a crowd-stopper, it's cleanly and logically configured with upper and lower toolbars with a file list and preview window. The program displayed a Getting Started guide that told us everything we needed to know to successfully convert a video, starting with the Profile selector, a drop-down list with two parts: a category list and a list of options for each choice. If you don't see what you need in the Profile list, you can click Edit to open a Profile Editor tool.

We selected General Video, and then the open-source Matroska video (MKV) format (we said some formats were less popular!) for something different. We clicked Add Files and browsed to a Flash video on our hard drive. We kept the same Destination folder and then pressed Start. The conversion happened quickly. We pressed the Open button on 4Free Video Converter's lower toolbar, and our Destination folder opened with our newly converted video displayed. The moment of truth: we clicked the MKV file. It opened and played normally in our usual media player. The quality was excellent.

In case the onscreen instructions aren't enough (though they probably would be), clicking Help opens an excellent online Help file that illustrates each and every step with an annotated screenshot. We think 4Free Video Converter will find a lot of fans, but users who need more can upgrade to a paid version that offers more features, including CD ripping, converting photos to video files, and greater compatibility with more devices.

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